The Rising of the Sun

Hallelujah, thine the Glory. Revive US again. Hear me when I tell you I already know, beyond doubt, that God is with my Momma, holding and healing. But I am a son and as strong a man as I am, I am still a hu-man. I don’t ever want to feel like I have to hold it in and stress it out alone. I am in my Prayer Closet, fervently, and I am so grateful who everyone who meets me there to pray healing for Mother Taylor. She is talking about wanting to be here for “the Big Meeting,” which is what she calls Holy Convocation. So let’s pray Momma onto the NewArk, where healing and wholeness are hers for the asking! Thank you for this day, Lord! Thank you family because prayer changes things and it still works!!! #Revived #StrongTower #SolidStayingPower

Golden Time of Day

Rise. Up. In*Joy This Day.

She is a beautiful woman.

She is a beautiful woman.

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The piece just hit me right on time in so many awesome ways. As much as some would see the presence of supernatural in it….I see…me. I see God in … me. In prayer for healing, right now, for my Momma.


Orchids, 1982

Newark at sunrise
September 18, 2014



Elliott + Associates Architects - Blue Room Theater at Chesapeake

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I would get my entire life in this space

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