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I have spent a great deal of time, effort, energy and study trying to surmise how and when people lose their trust. Did God fail (?) them? Did someone they really care about disappoint them? The myriad of reasons and rationales that people have cited are innumerable but ultimately I have found that they land on one truth: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TRUST YOUR CHOICES WHEN YOU DON’T TRUST THE CHOOSER!

The more I talk about forgiveness, the more I realize that people struggle with forgiving themselves for their choices. When you don’t trust how or whom you choose, everything that comes up brings up the ways you’ve stumbled, fumbled and failed before, so how could believe you’ve gotten it right now.

Do the real, deep, powerful and purposeful work of forgiving yourself for being wherever or whoever you were before but give yourself credit for being where you are now so that you can pardon yourself into a new life and parole your past into the possibility of now. Forward.



I have finally learned to let people KNOW when things aren’t 100, even when they expect me to be a super hero about it.

I am a man of faith and I believe God in ways that make me shout in public. But I am also a hu-man who freaks when Mom gets sick or when planes rock mid-flight. But I’m not worried. I’m here and human and I already know it’s already done. But if I’m seeming a bit unsettled, be clear that I’m never unsure.

Just give a brother a hug. Send up a prayer. And if you’ve got some extra fuel, shout THANK YOU!

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At the end of the day, speak up and get it off your chest. If you’ve got something to say, say it. And, be clear that at times your silence is blaring. When you intend to be quiet or say nothing, let that speak for itself.

People don’t give silence enough credit. Sometimes saying nothing is a commentary of epic proportions!

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#WTF—WORTH THE FIGHT: I was listening to Tamela Mann sing TAKE ME TO THE KING the other day and it oddly took me to two crazy different places…but not really. First, to The Book of Esther, where she decrees, after realizing that an unrequested visit to the King could cost her life, “if I perish, I perish,” because her visit could save her people. But it also took me to that scene in ALIENS where Sigourney Weaver says to the alien looking for the little girl hiding in the grates below “GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU B*#@×!” Both represent the fierce fighter that comes up in you when you realize that something is #WTF: Worth The Fight!

We have our esteem and worth tested and tried all the time, some from the day we get here. But when that light comes on that makes it clear within you that you have intrinsic value, you will battle whoever and whatever it takes to get to your greatness.

My little fat boy asthmatic gay nerd, raised in the projects, has had to fight hard and strong to be right here, tall, solid, sexy and free! So you can come this way with madness all you want; no alien, king or other living creature can ever make me forget what I know for sure now: I DESERVE WHAT I DESIRE AND DESIRE WHAT I DESERVE!

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You cannot be brilliant quetly. Even if you never speak about the amazing things within you, if you live in them, it speaks loudly for you. So stop trying to play small for your small minded family or play dumb for your lazy and lackadaisical friends. Be big. Be bold. Be brilliant. Let it out and if people around you don’t like it, you know who’s not on #TeamYou or #TeamFree. Ring the alarm and be clear about for whom the bell tolls!!!

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I GOT IT: There are moments we declare it in fear and embarrassment, not wanting someone to know we need help. That’s a teachable moment to nurture and develop your strength and your faith.

But then there are moments when it’s a pure and powerful declaration that you have to be willing to stand on and in with assurance.

Where are you? Do you have it? Do you need help?

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