Grace Morning




Autofamily House

Polish architecture firm Robert Konieczny designed the ‘Autofamily House’ with an extra long indoor driveway that leads to the entrance of the house. Really cool and extremely different.

Newark at Night
April 9, 2014

His name is Jacob Thomas and I grabbed this image as a screensaver in 2008 because I was so taken by it when I first saw it. His skin. The green. His lean lines but perfect tone. His hidden but prominent face, begging you to see him behind the physical blinding of his body. I kept it as a screensaver for months. The next year, unbeknownst to me in the moment, we met at a party for Sam Fine and his new dvd release. He had come with the legendary Byron Barnes, makeup icon. Jacob and I became instant friends. It would be almost a year before I realized that the guy in this photo and the guy who was my friend were one and the same. He’s beyond the beauty of his body. His soul is exquisite.

His name is Barron B. Bass. He is a creative being. I say that because when I have to list, it is lengthy as he is an actor, a singer, a rapper, a producer, he does voice over work and he’s a songwriter. But he’s also a force of nature. When I thought I was completely ambivalent about my need for art, not a love but a need for live and active, actual engagement with it, he was there. I met him as I was supporting a friend, mutual to us, who is a masterful actor. After the show, I turned, not to leave but because light was shining brightly behind me, and found Barron B. Bass, who extended his hand and spoke into my soul. In 2013, I saw him onstage more than any living actor, ever…and I love theater. @bbasstheillest rectified my mind and renewed my spirit and resuscitated my relationships with the arts. Thank you.

Now, please go to his site.@ and support his Kickstarter for his first full album. #GeminiTendencies is going to be a real work of art and artistry and being passionate about your passion. That kind of realness can’t be drowned out!


WAKE UP EVERYBODY! Ahead, whether you know it or care to honor it, is everything. Somewhere in this day that is ofttimes demonized for disturbing weekends that we don’t make full use of anyway, I is your life…fuller. Use this day to examine your heaet, prepare yourself and write the vision. You deserve more, not stuff or status, but more nonetheless. Do you know what you more is? Mondays can be mundane or magnanimous. You decide. Wake up in your life today and decide.


Unity Fellowship Church NewArk
Sunday, April 6th

The Faith, Favor and Friendship Series begins…

Sunday, April 6th